Nora Page

About Nora

Nora Page has lived a difficult life and hopes to offer hope to others in similar situations. By focusing on romance stories featuring unlikely couples, painful pasts, and raw characters that tug at the heartstrings, she writes truly powerful words that hold reader’s attention and don’t let go.  She hopes her writing will move readers, and let them experience true pain and sorrow so that the joy and love are that much sweeter when they finally happen.

When Nora isn’t pouring out her soul on paper, she enjoys photography, reading everything she can get her hands on, and meditation. She hopes readers relate to her honest, raw stories, and that they feel less alone in their own toughest life moments. By writing strong heroines, she also wishes to empower women in both life and relationships. She loves animals and making people happy, confident, and content. She has many more stories planned and looks forward to finding her readers and connecting with people around the world!