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When Vesta and Hunter decide to be brave

Her father named her Vesta after the goddess. Will she take from her what is more than just a name?

Can Vesta overcome painful truths and fall in love?

Can Hunter let himself be loved?

Can they both be brave enough to do so?

Or is the time just not right for these would-be lovers?

29-year-old British/Italian Vesta has been through heartbreak she thought would destroy her. First, she faces an illness that leaves doctors pushing her a decision she hates to make. Then she must come to terms with the realization that her deep desire to have children in the future will never come true… unless she can find someone willing to help her before it’s too late

When she moves to London from Rome, she comes face to face with danger and is saved by Hunter that mysterious grumpy guy. Chemistry explodes between them, only to fizzle out when Vesta begs for his help. He’s shocked by her question and lashes out, igniting her anger, and they became bitter enemies.

They part as enemies, but fate has bigger plans for them, and they’ll continue to bump into one another. The question is, will they discover they’re perfect for one another… will they decide to be brave before it’s too late?

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